You can upload any form of images and data into PLIC Books to start building your yearbooks; however we recommend using the PSPA export. This will help ensure your subjects are automatically properly ordered and grouped with their correct class. Start your upload by:

  1. Click on the yellow Subjects button next to yourproject to get started
  2. A Define Fields box willappear. These are the fields PlicBookswill bring in from your data. To add more fields, press the green Add Field button. If everythinglooks good, press the green OK button
  3. A Subject Uploader box willappear. Here you will want to press the green Select Folder option, and browse out to your folder thatcontains your images and data Note:If using something similar to the PSPA export, be sure to have “Also include files within sub-folder”s checked
  4. Slideover the slider next to Importsubjects from selected data file: so that it appears blue. Ensure thecorrect data file is listed in the drop down from your selected folder. Ifyour data has a header, slide over the slider on First row of data file is header row so that it appears green  Note: If using a PSPA export, your data file will be titled Index.txt and you will not have a header
  5. Press the green Continue button 
  6. Ensure all your data is mapped to the correct fields. Your Image Field will be listed above all the other fields.Ensure you see a green button specifying a correct number of matching photos. If this is incorrect, press the drop down and browse for the correct field that shows image names. Note:If you have photos without data matching them, you can choose to upload these as well next to “Upload Which Photos”
  7. Once all your data is mapped properly, press the green Start Uploading button to start uploading your images
  8. You will see a notification letting you know your upload is complete when done

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